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axi is the smallest of the seven main islands in the lonian Sea, with a surface area of nl 19 square kilometres, or 21 if Antipaxi is included. The islands lie to the South of Corfu, from which they are separated by a channel seven miles wide. The distance bet-ween Corfu harbour and Paxi is 32 miles. the East, Paxi lies -posite Parga. The islands have total population of about 3,000 and the capltal Is known as Gaios.


The islands' economy, expect for the proceeds of oil production, is based on tourism which has notably increasd in recent years. Today the island offers some 2000 rooms to redcomprising, 4000 beds and two hotels accommodating up to 120 clients.


The town of Gaios has a considerable cultural heritage: there are some 63 churches (notable among them Our Lady 'Ipapantl' at Lakka, built in 1600, Our Lady 'Velilaniton', the Prophet Elias and others), there are numerous windmills, such as those of Lesianitis over the cliff at Mousmouli, St. icholas on its slet f the same name, Lakka, Longouad Kastanida. There are also cunningly - constructed water tanks, the remains of old olivepresses, and stone built houses of traditional design and outstanding craftsmanship. mng these buildings are the Governor's Residense, the Papamarkos house, the house ot the Kori, the house at Kokkiniatika andd others, all of which are worth visit. The island also has Historicall Archive, a Library an Arts Centre and a radio station.




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